African Print Dress

I’m still outside the box and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back.  I decided to channel my girl ThatBlackChick who is a talented designer with the most amazing skills that I’ve  ever seen…she’s nice to boot and takes the time to always leave encouraging messages. 🙂  Thanks Michelle.   I’m not anywhere close to her awesomeness but I tried to play around with an Ankara print that I had purchased a while ago.   The problem with being a fabric hoarder is that you don’t remember where you got your fix from.  But you can find African Print fabric here.

I used Vogue for the dress because I wanted something simple that would showcase the fabric design.   What you see here is no accident.  I cut the fabric so that the shoulders, sleeves and hem highlight the fabric trim and the body of the dress showcases the large circle designs.  Not too shabby if I say so myself. 🙂

DSC_0945DSC_0947DSC_0948 This was another easy sew.  The front and back are cut on fold ….what’s not to love.  I had to get use to the cut of the dress as it is narrows from the lower hip to the leg but otherwise – it’s growing on me.  I found a pair of strappy sandals to complete the look.  I’m ready now – where are we going?

I’ll be back soon with more eye candy.   Thanks for Stopping by.

Gotta Go…Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine

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