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Palazzo Pants












Palazzo Pants

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite pieces.  I needed something soft, flowy (not sure if that’s a word) and forgiving in my life.  These pull on pants fit the bill and then some.  I’m carrying a lil extra “junk in da trunk” at the moment….don’t judge me.  I bought the top a few months ago at H&M with not a clue as to what to wear it with.  The pant’s are all about the 70’s and the top needed to be just right and in my opinion….” I nailed it.”  The top is sold out but here are few alternatives:  here and here.   The trick to pulling off the look is all about proportions.  The pants are full so your top needs to be fitted or cropped and you need to show some skin.  I’m showing a lil chest but the look would be equally nice with a  V or Boat neck tunic top or even a t-shirt….use your imagination and remember what I said about proportions.   I’m not wearing shoes because that’s the vibe I get from this outfit but they are long enough to accommodate flat’s or a small heel.  The last thing I’ll say is that these pants are universally flattering…meaning they will look great on just about everyone.  I have several different fabric choices and a solid if you are SKERD of patterned pants.  Don’t SKERD go on and give it try.  🙂










Print Top Romper

This romper was an experiment that turned out fabulous.  I wanted have an “inclusive line” capable accommodating all sizes.  It was brought to my attention that everyone (regardless of size) might not want to wear leopard from head to toe so I mixed things up a bit.  I used a patterned top and a solid bottom and I think it is amazing.  I added my own belt but it comes with a black fabric belt. This look comes with additional choices of patterned tops so pick the one that suits you.  By the way, the knit fabric is soft and breezy I am very comfortable right about now.  Stay tuned – I am working on top with straps for those who want a full bra option.

Multi-Print Romper







Multi – Print Romper

This romper is the same as the one above.  It looks very different because of the fabric pattern.  It is a comfy as it looks….trust me.  It also comes in several pattern choices including basic black. I’m wearing the self belt and flip flops.  Did I say comfortable….oh in case I didn’t… it’s comfortable.









Maxi  Skirt 

The Maxi-Skirt is a lot of fun.  I don’t have anything in my closet that is red & white and I to have to get better at adding colors/patterns I don’t necessarily gravitate toward.  It’s long – I like my skirts to barely touch the ground….no ankles showing please.  It has a faux roll-over elastic waist full “A” line ish skirt.  I’m wearing a white top and a pair of 3 inch wedges to give an idea of the length.  There are also multiple pattern choices including basic black.










Cocoon Cardigan 

Last but not least is the infamous Cocoon Cardigan.  I’ve gotten so many requests for this that I added it to the collection.  I love these little jackets to death.  They come in multiple solid colors and two sizes..big and bigger.  🙂  Can a Cocoon ever be too big??????  I’m wearing “Bigger” because I luv luv luv the way it drapes.  I don’t know wear I purchased the Stay Classy t-shirt from but you can get them on-line .. just Goggle It!

That’s it for now and I hope you enjoy the collection.  Check out the Marketplace tab and find something you like.  Custom sizes available on request contact me for more information.  Free shipping until April 24th so get it in now.  If you have any questions drop me a note via the “contact me” link or you can email me at

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