Croco Camo Stiletto ~ You Name It!

What to you get with you cross Croco Camo Stiletto?  You Name It! 🙂

This is my creation.  I strike gold every once in a while.  While this is a departure from my normal look ~ you got ta mix it up every now and then.  Yep and “she did the dang thang”.

Yep – I even made the cargo pants.  🙂

Notice how I blend in the nature?  That’s what camouflage  is supposed to do.   Except where in the world would I be going in 4 inch stilettos?   🙂 No where fast…..

This was the last thing I made in 2016.  I designed  the entire look and everything you see came from my fabric stash.  Impressive huh?   🙂

Unfortunately it took dang near 4 months to take pics.  I know what you’re thinking but don’t ask.

This started my sleeve obsession that turned into jacket.  I used these patterns to create the look:

Those sleeves tho ……..

How do you walk up hill in stilettos?…..Lean Into It.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by on the beautiful Sunday morning.

Always Stylish   Always Fabulous

Venita Elaine – SewVeStyle