Cynthia Rowley’s Exposed Shoulder Dress

Everywhere I look I see exposed shoulders.  It’s one of my favorite body parts – I mean what’s not to love…right?  I had an exposed shoulder dress on my project list and needed to schedule time to work on it.  When the ThRed and Needles Sewing Group chose exposed shoulders for the July challenge – I was ready and motivated to get it done on time.    I selected Cynthia Rowley’s pattern because I thought it offered a twist on the exposed shoulder with an added surprise if an open back. Super Duper Sexy 🙂

I used an African Waxed print purchased from  SAS Fabric fall of last year.  They don’t have a web presence but I gotta tell you – I make a point of stopping by every time I’m in L.A. 🙂

The dress was very easy to sew and the instructions were very clear.    I’m wearing Warby Parker Sunnies.  These are called Tilley and the color is grapefruit soda.  I was asked to do a feature on their product in my last postDSC_0071The wraparound belt is a great detail and it helps me remember to suck in the gut.  🙂DSC_0083I can only show you one  exposed shoulder at a time so here is my other one.  🙂  Almost forgot to mention the pockets.  Yassss honey – P O C K E T S……. The back is open but and there is a zipper option if you want to use it.

DSC_0070Sigh – want to know why the top of my head is cut off?  It’s because my photographer works for free and if I ask for too many changes he’s “all in his feelings”  🙂DSC_0091

I’ll probably try to get more pics of this dress when he’s in a better mood.  Most of pics for this shoot were unusable or he took a vertical shot (despite my protests) which does not work with the blog.  If you ever see a sideways pic on the blog….that’s why.    I plan to make this again for sure.  Hopefully next time I’ll have better pics.

Give the Exposed Shoulder Dress a  try – you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew.

Venita Elaine



7 thoughts on “Cynthia Rowley’s Exposed Shoulder Dress

  1. Cute! You should get a tripod and camera with a remote shutter. My boyfriend used to drive my freaking nuts taking crappy photos, so now I shoot all my own photos and they always turn out great.

  2. I have this pattern! I’m about to make my third version of it — but I’m really loving yours, wow! And LOL at your photographer getting emotional.

    1. Thanks Ebi – I love all of the details on this dress. It’s definitely a keeper. You’ve made 3…wow.

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