Denim My Way

So what happened was……..I was given some denim and no had clue what to do with it.  It had been languishing in my stash for several months watching and waiting for a turn on the cutting table. Then it hit me 🙂  I’ll make a swanky denim jacket for the #TheAmazingCoatSew-ALong and #ThRedandNeedles Sewing Group.  Cut-Snip-Measure-Swear-Repeat then right before my eyes it all came together.  The best thing about making the jacket was the opportunity to meet so many talented Sewists  🙂


Denim Jacket

Enough blah blah blah 🙂 I used Vogue 7975 for the jacket because I wanted to be Fancy.  If the style looks familiar its because I used the same pattern for my Chanel Inspired jacket that will be on the blog this month.  Even though it’s fall – I’m going to wear my white jeans and it’s way after Labor Day.  🙂




I’ve been sewing non-stop and looking forward to sharing my projects with you.

Happy Monday – Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

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Venita Elaine

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