Denim Off The Shoulder Tunic

In the spirit of everything demin and everything off the shoulder.  I took a stab at making a self drafted tunic.  Self drafted means no pattern – well at least no purchased pattern.  I have been eyeing all of the lovely off the shoulder or cold shoulder outfits that are the rage this season.  Remember I hit the lottery with  last year and scored a ton of denim  courtesy of my Glam Fairies.  I decided to use denim as my fabric of choice. This is a light wash denim and the selvages were already frayed.  All I had to do was trim the edges.

I made a decision up front that I wanted my top to stay put.  I read that some of my fellow sewcialists  did not like the fact that their off the shoulder fashions did not stay at the shoulder if they raised their arms.  So I did what everybody does when you need to quickly research something….yes YouTube :-).  I found a quick and easy tutorial on how to accomplish my goal.

What I liked about the top in the tutorial is that the elastic around the arms are separate from the elastic around the chest.  Well in theory I liked the concept but not so much wearing it.  I had to  constantly check to make sure my tops of my sleeves were lined up with the main part of the tunic.  Not cool when you’re trying to look chic in your outfit.  So what do you do when your outfit is not quite what you wanted.  Throw on a pair of shades and a scarf and Werk!

See what I mean?  I feel like I’m wearing a pair of sleeves and that is exactly what it looks like. Ready to Samba anyone???   But from a distance it is kinda cute.

The other quirky thing about this top is the weight of the denim.  What was I thinking?  Why denim?  Not one of my shining moments…denim is heavy.  The back of the tunic kept sliding down…no boobs back there 🙂   I should have used 1 inch  vs 1/4 inch elastic.  Again…what was I thinking????

So we made the best of it and took photos and had fun.  We were in Half Moon Bay  having our fill of Oysters, Fish & Chips and plenty of ice cold beer.

If you want to give this top a try I would recommend a lighter fabric and please do not use 1/4 inch elastic.  You’ve been warned about the sleeves.  This is a very easy sew and I link to the tutorial.  See how nice I am?  🙂

Enjoy your Sunday – I’ll be  back with more of sewing adventures.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine


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  1. Alright Ms. V, loving this outfit and your blog, I can’t believe I’m just finding you, now I’m now a subscriber and connected to your IG!!!!

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