DIY Ironing Board Cover

Can’t be great – churning out fabulous projects working on this hot mess of an ironing board.  Let me introduce you to my horrible disgusting ironing board.   I’ve had it for a bazillion years.  I stripped off the cover look at I found underneath 🙁

Pure unadulterated horror.   Oh the horror….I’m still clutching my pearls.  Jesus Take The Wheel!

Without further adieu – let’s get down to business.  This board is all metal so I’m keeping it versus tossing.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why don’t you toss it or just buy a new cover?  Well the answer is…….I don’t want to toss it……I don’t want to buy a new one…….I’m Krafty so I’m gonna DIY this baby….now watch me work.

Step One

Just shake your head cuz this is a dayum shame on so many levels.  In my defense, I covered this up (a long time ago) with a new cover when it started looking bad.  Also, I figured if I left the old cover on – I’d have more fabric layers and would help me be a better ironist.  Hmmmmmm is that even a word….ironist.  🙂

Step Two

Buy curtains on sale at Ikea.  Buy 8oz batting on sale and your local discount fabric store.  Wash the curtains in hot water and dry on high heat.  This way you will be assured that the fabric won’t bleed through and mess up your clothes by staining them a lovely shade of gray.  Ask me how I know this 🙁

Step Three

To ensure a perfect custom fit.  Carefully measure the old cover.  Pay attention to the lines and angles.  When cutting add 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

Step Four

Cut Fabric and Batting.  I doubled the fabric because I wanted a nice substantial base.  Pin fabric to batting, cut and stitch.

Step Five

Serge edges.  Pause and admire your Krafty skills.

Step Six

Cut out and serge flap edge of cover that forms the pocket piece.

Step Seven

If you’re extra Krafty – do some scrap busting and make your own binding tape for that extra lil pop.

I wish you could feel this.  It’s practically a duvet cover.

Step Eight

Use  cover fasteners to secure the cover to the board.  I purchased two packs from Joann’s.

Now admire your new DIY Ironing Board….You Sew Krafty 🙂

Always Stylish ~ Always Fabulous

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