Duster and Pants: Let’s Lounge

Duster and Pants Let’s Lounge.  Don’t know about you but my lounge and sleep attire game is truly pitiful.  I’m so tired when I get home all I do is wash my face, throw the bra in the corner and grab sweats and a t-shirt.  If you know what I’m talking about….raise your hand!

I’ve made several dusters over the past year.  

But a couple of weeks ago I dreamed of lounging in a duster and a pair of matching pants.  In my dream – I came home from work, washed my face, threw the bra and the corner but I grabbed a matching outfit.  How bout that!  I had the fabric in my stash – gift from my sister when she worked a LuckyBrand and there was enough left on the bolt to sew the look.

Butterick 6176 Burda 7966

The duster was a quick sew although if I make another I will add neck facing.  It was a battle trying to turn the fabric at the neckline for a clean finish.  

Duster:  Butterick 6176 – View D
Pants:    Burda #7966 – View A

Those pant tho.  OMG – what a mess!  I wish I had used my TNT pattern but noooooooooo, I had this pattern in my collection and never used it.  First of all – if you are endowed on the rear end – please make the appropriate seat adjustments.  And the pockets – the way they explain the install is just nuts.  I won’t be making the pants again any time soon.

T-Shirt by Creative Creations

The SewVeStyle T-Shirt was designed by my sister.  Thanks Bandit!

It’s good to be back.  Looks I picked up a few pounds – the camera doesn’t lie.  We need to hit the gym.  🙂

Always be Stylish…..Always be Fabulous.

SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine




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    1. Thanks Ms Faye. It’s nice to make something to lounge in it takes the pressure off and you get to look cute as an added benefit

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