Flirty Wrap Dress ~ Epic Fail

I coordinated a Wedding Brunch Cruise for my daughter and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever pulled off.  If you want to sit back, relax and leave the dirty work to someone else check out the Hornblower Cruise Line – I chose Newport Beach Jazz Cruise.   Here are a few pics from the yacht.  Me DIY off shoulder top and jeans.  The Bride is wearing red…….

Now about the Flirty Wrap Dress.  I had visions of a nice dress that was cute, casual and boat ready.  When I’m on the water – I like something on my arms so I knew that an off the shoulder look would not work for me.  That’s where Butterick B6554 came to the rescue.  It’s cute and the wraparound style was perfect along with the added detail of the flounce.  The fabric is from LAFinch it’s a luscious knit with a structured drape so it’s not gonna fly up and over my head nor will it open ala wardrobe malfunction.  😊.

This dayum dress was so ugly on me – I refused to wear it.  These pics where taken at home on my deck.  The only reason you’re seeing them is so that you know ……not every project is a winner.   🙂

As much as I loved the idea of the dress and the quick sew – I don’t love it on me.  This dress is meant for grown woman curves.  I’m talking about cleavage, defined waist and curvy hips.  On me, the dress looks like I need to eat several big macs, large fries and a strawberry shake.  I should prolly add 20-piece KFC hot wings to that round things out.

I also need to admit that this style is simply unflattering on me.

Here’s the dress that I did not wear.  I’m gonna give it away to someone I know will love it.

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