Happy Monday ~ It’s Squirrely Round Here!

Who has time to be serious
Who has time to be serious






I have so much going on that it would bring the average person to their knees….but it’s all good.  In the middle of planning the photo shoot for the opening of the Sewfull Comfort collection – I figured I needed to deal with a big problem.  I wear glasses but when it’s time to sew I’m straining and sometimes sewing by feel.  No worries – none of those item’s will make their way into the Marketplace.  🙂  Sooooooo – I had been walking past the Sam’s Club pack of reader for months and I finally decided to buy them.  The pack has 4 different colors and they are kinda cute.  The black pair next to them are my prescription glasses which are worthless when you’re using a seam ripper on black thread and black fabric.  Let me tell you – at 2.50 strength I can see everything in front of me.  It’s glorious – I might even try wearing them to put on make up and such.

I can see clearly now
I can see clearly now








We had been planning to work on my studio for a few months but why oh why does Jerome decide to start this weekend.  I had to pack everything up and clear the room so he could get going. Under normal circumstances any changes to my sacred work space would drive me mad – but it’s all good.  I’m sewing in another room it’s not great and all my gear is in the guest room….  Hint Hint – I wouldn’t come to visit for a few weeks.

DSC_0120 DSC_0127







Oh and the photo shoot went very well.  We shot in front of the house and the neighbors were out…nothing like an audience.  The verdict is in – they really liked the collection.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Once you discover those reading glasses, you’re set for everything. I have at least ten pair, 2.75 strength, keep one in car, one in purse, one at dressing table, one by computer, one on nightstand, etc., you get the idea. Great puchase, V, (and the ones at Sam’s and Costco are the best).

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