Hermes Inspired Print Dress

Hermes Inspired Print Dress ~ Butterick Pattern.  Clean lines, no frills,no buttons or beads.  I wanted something that would make a statement.  My fabric choice needed to be light and airy yet exotic and expensive looking.  I chose a scrumptious Leopard Print Rayon Challis you can find it here.   Don’t sleep…it’s on sale and I know it will go fast.  Reminds you of beautiful Hermes Scarf…right?


I needed a perfect dress pattern to pull off the look I wanted.  I selected Butterick 5815 View C – you can find it here.  Once you see the pattern cover you’ll understand why I was drawn to this particular fabric.  This was a very easy sew.  I took my time because I did not want to make a mistake that would require using the “ripper”.   The fabric is far to delicate to be picked and poked.  I used a microtex needle and my walking foot so that the fabric would tangle in the feed-dog.  I had no intentions of lining this baby and I didn’t want ugly seams so I just turned my seams in and zig-zagged for a clean finish.  No too shabby if I say so myself. 🙂


The best thing about this dress is that I made it myself for next to nothing compared to a Hermes Scarf that starts $300 depending on the size an style.

Here’s my version – the only modification was to shorten the dress by 4 inches.  Accessorized with earrings and bangles.  You don’t need much more because the print is doing all the work.  I added my sunnies and leopard pumps to complete the look.

Butterick 5815

The sleeves on this dress are amazing.  They lap over to create a butterfly effect.

Butterick 5815

Here’s a few shots of the sleeves.

Butterick 5815 – Lapped Sleeves
Butterick 5815 – Lapped Sleeves
Prada Sunnies

P.S. this post debuted on the Cali & Co blog a few days ago.  You can find it here  I blog for them and this is one of the items I made.  I love this dress so much that I had to post here as well.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this pattern and fabric a try.  I promise you will love it.  See you soon…..

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  1. Oh Ms Ve I found this pattern in goodwill last summer and hubby found a fabric in Brooklyn, NY that was giving me that vintage vibe. I think I have to make this now. Maybe for my cruise? You look beautiful and did such a great job.

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