High Waist Pants & Sweater Vest

High Waist Pants – Yaaaassssss Please & Thank You.
Sweater Vest – Love Everything About It.
Top – Color All Day Long.

I’ve been away from the studio for almost a year.  Although I had been lurking on IG and FB I had no desire to sew anything.  Finally, I pulled out Mimi G’s pattern purchased last year and stared at it for prolly a month.  I needed those high waist pants in my life but didn’t feel like dealing with fit adjustments.  After I read the finished sizing on the pattern I knew I could rock these babies without any modifications.  They came together like a dream.  Even the zipper install was a breeze.  I used a nice substantial ponte knit almost boarded on scuba cuz the pants almost touch the ground and I wanted them to look intentional not like an accident.  The high waist and full legs – I recommend everyone has a pair if you can pull off the look. 🙂

Next I needed a top and for a moment I thought about buying one and said to myself….Chile Please!  So went to the stash and pulled out this gorgeous print.  Whipped it out in an afternoon.  

Next came the vest.  Honestly, at this point I was losing steam and wanted to be done so I grabbed Simplicity 8265 because it had fewer than 6 pieces and super easy.  I used a medium weight sweater knit because I wanted it to hang nicely and keep me warm for the cool spring days.

Sweater Vest 
Simplicity 8265

Simplicity 8177
V Neck Top
High Waist Trousers

Always be Stylish…..Always be Fabulous.

SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine

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  1. I like it!, wide legs are back in. Blouse is beautiful, love all the colors, sets the outfit to the tee..

    1. Thanks Ms Faye. The top should have been in your # but I couldn’t get it together.

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