Holiday Plaid Dress

I got Holiday Spirit Yes I Do….I got Holiday Spirit….How About You?

I have so much spirit that I made me a lil plaid dress.  This is a cake walk McCalls pattern and it  is “sew” easy.  Of course I had to complicate things by using plaid and my sew sisters know about matching plaid patterns.  🙁 Ugh…that was a real downer but the dress was worth the effort.  What I love the most is the square neckline which leaves a lot of real estate for my pearls.  It satisfies the corporate dress code and its a wee bit mysterious.  I did not make it a bodycon but left enough room for a nice drape without showing my ummmm assets.  I think I did a nice job…and even managed to grab a few pics on my way out to door to work.



I snapped up the fabric at JoAnn’s in October and had intended to make a pair of slacks but I decided on the dress. I also found the cute butterfly zipper pull at JoAnn’s as well. I felt pretty good when a lady at work told me I looked festive. That’s exactly what I was going for. Now all I need to complete the look it a camel colored coat. That’s coming up soon. In the spirit of fun and games….I added a little outtake.  I have absolutely no idea what I was doing here.


Not all pics are good but some are just hella funny.   Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew…..

Venita Elaine

8 thoughts on “Holiday Plaid Dress

  1. Lovely dress! I love plaid but haven’t been brave enough to try to sew it. You’re inspiring me put a plaid skirt on my list for 2016

    1. Give it a try Stephanie. Go with a large plaid pattern like I used. It’s easier to match the fabric pattern so that everything lines up.

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