I Got 99 Problems But……You Still have time to enter….

Contest closes midnight tonight Cali time.  🙂

I sure hope I don’t have to keep those gift cards and use them myself…..Thanks to all of you who sent your ideas.

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Some Scraps Ain’t One.  🙂

Spell check wanted to auto correct “ain’t” to “is not”.  Sometimes you have to break the grammar rules for the sake of a catchy headline.

This is a request…. no it’s desperate plea for help.  ♥  I want to know what you all do with left over fabric.  Anything that is mere slivers and shreds I toss in a bag I keep by the machine while I’m sewing.



If it’s a decent amount I keep them.  I can’t bring myself to discard a perfectly good piece of fabric.  Here’s my pile.  I have some in a bag – I need to fold and put away.  And…I have more already tucked away in an old suitcase.



Here’s where you come in…..I would like you to share what you’re doing….the good…the bad….the ugly.  I need to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

Post your feedback in the comment section on the blog – on Facebook – on Instagram wherever you follow SewVeStyle. 🙂  If you are new visitor – to be eligible you will need to subscribe to the blog, follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin if you are a blogger. 🙂

I will collect your submissions through November 29th.  You don’t need to be a sewist to participate – this is open to everyone who understands the struggle.

I’m going to collect your responses and pics and share them on the blog and “you” will vote on the winner.

If you want to send pics via email you can send them to me at:  info@sewvestyle.com

Together we can fix this or have a good laugh trying.   Oh and before I forget – there is a prize ($25 JoAnn’s Gift Card) for the best idea and the worst scrap pile.  

Thanks for stopping by…..

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine




11 thoughts on “I Got 99 Problems But……You Still have time to enter….

  1. LOL I have tons and tons of scraps I do go through often and give them away to people. Some are large scraps that could possibly be a skirt or a top but I have no interest in doing that. Some I keep because they could be used to line pockets, make pocket bags, linings for clutches etc. Some idk what to do with it is a problem when you sew a lot like I do. I created a skirt and two tops on Sunday and put buttons on another skirt. I have heard of people selling them, making doll clothes.. Beaute j’adore makes clothes for Chandler now..which is so perfect for the left over scraps..I heard some people make quilts with them as well..

    1. Thanks Donna – the idk what to do problem is where I am. I don’t quilt but maybe through this post I can find someone who wants them.

  2. While I am working on a project all of my mere slivers and shreds go into a DEDICATED TRASH BASKET that I keep in my sewing room. I do mean dedicated (nothing in this receptacle except slivers and shreds because I never know when I might need some of it for my current project). The dedicated trash is not tossed until the project is 100% complete. Now mind you, there have been times after I’ve thrown them out that I have had to go dumpster diving to retrieve a piece. I have NO Pride if it’s necessary to do so. Larger leftover pieces are folded and placed in a box marked “Color Blocking” because I tell myself I might use them one day. (sorry so long)

    1. lol…I’ve gone into the trash pile many times. Glad to know I’m in good company. How large is that color blocking box?

  3. I read somewhere that larger pieces can be made into bias binding. Anything less than 1/4 yard goes in a zip lock bag for covered buttons and small projects. Strips and bits get tossed.

  4. I also toss slivers & shreds. For those larger scraps I make wrap caps, skully caps, pocket bags for dresses or pants and of late doll clothes for the great nieces. If the scrap is larger than the norm use for contrasting piece on a dress.

  5. Hi. I use some of scraps to make book marks as give as teachers appreciation gifts and my 10 y/o daughter uses some to make doll clothes, pillows etc

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