I Got A Brand New Bag!

I’m going to get on my soap box for a minute.  I have been working in Corporate America since I was 17 years old.  My BFF Cassandra and I landed professional jobs right out of High School and so it began.  It was always dress up for work – suits – heels – tote or briefcase – you get the picture.  Fast forward to today – I still don’t really know how to dress casual at work I just fake it till I make it.  🙂

Now let’s talk about bags.  I have a collection and I swear – every time I find something I like….the bag game changes on me.  I spied with my magic eye – all the fashionista’s carrying stylish tote bags. Sooooooo I got one too.  Yep – it’s Kate Spade!!!! I got it at the Surprise Sale that only I knew about. wink wink 🙂

DSC_0592 DSC_0589







This dang bag is so big that I’m given a wide berth on BART. The bag creates it’s own saftey zone which is fine by me. Oh don’t make me start ragging about BART we have a hate/hate/hate and more hate relationship.  I try to be kind to my shoulders and this bag is very light and I try not to weigh it down with a lot of unnecessary stuff.  I didn’t want to carry a bag and a purse so I thought it made perfect sense to buy her little sister.  She’s a little handbag big enough for my wallet cell phone and lipstick and right into the tote she goes.  I feel so free – makes me want to sing a little Erica Badu….“Bag Lady you gone miss your bus – you can’t hurry up…cuz you got too much stuff”…..

Now let’s say Farewell to a few of my faithful warriors.  Trust me….they will make a reappearance as soon as my shoulder says….no más bolso de la señora.

PicMonkey Collage






Well – I really have to go.  I promised to blog on a regular basis I’ve got to start working on my next post.