Inspirational Sewing ~ How To Get Away With Murder

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I knew the minute I saw this dress that I needed it in my life.  The ready to wear version of this Victoria Beckham beauty retails at $2,600.00.  I don’t have it like that but guess what???….I can certainly sew.  I modified  Butterick 5852 and made a few simple changes while keeping the overall shape and clean lines.  I color blocked my dress as I wanted the top of the dress to really stand out.  The color blocking on Viola’s dress is on the back as well.  My dress is color blocked only in the front and I kept the back solid black.  Excuse the mess – I was on my way out the door to work and decided to take pics at the last minute.


I slayed at work on Wednesday. There is nothing better than wearing a killer dress. Head up – shoulders back – stomach in – and the butt….well it does what it wants. 🙂 The confidence booster is knowing that I made it myself…..Priceless 🙂 Speaking of price I think this little number probably cost me maybe $30 to make.

There will be more HTGAWM fashions in my future for sure.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine

16 thoughts on “Inspirational Sewing ~ How To Get Away With Murder

  1. That’s definitely a V, V and V dress. Venita, Viola and Victoria. It looks beautiful on all three of you princesses.

  2. I’ve gotta start watching more TV! You nailed this look…I actually like yours a little better than the inspiration piece with the larger area of white fabric. Nice!

    1. Thanks Terri – I knew I wanted more surface area for color blocking than Viola’s dress and a looser fit. So I changed it up a bit. The show is great but her clothes tho ????

  3. Omg! Fabulous! I agree with TerrI Berry I liked yours better.. Great job and great looking sewing studio too.

    1. Thanks dj it was fun to make. My studio tho…well it looks like a tornado hit…but thank you

  4. ??Very funny Faye. I can’t break any laws because I don’t know if I can sew in jail. Thank you

  5. Fantastic! If we worked together I would definitely know you were the boss. That dress looks fabulous on you. Also, I love those glasses.

    1. Thanks Donna – HTGAWM is on tonight – Annaliese was shot in the season finale so I’m sure she’s be wearing a hospital gown tonight ?

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