It’s a Wrap

My very first post featured several wraps that I made over the Thanksgiving Holiday.   Since I was too tired to model them I simply placed on my dress form “Simone” and snapped away.

I had a bit of free time and a willing photographer so off we go to “Grizzly Peak” for a few photos.   Stilettos and steep mountain drop offs are the makings of good photos.  Despite my better judgement we got it done.  After all, I have a “Cape” and an “S” on my chest.

This is McCall’s M6209 and one of my most requested items to date. This one is on her way to Dallas TX – I’m just taking her out for a spin to make sure she can fly.   

Please …. do not try this at home unless you have super powers.


IMG_0931 IMG_0889 IMG_0947 IMG_0942 IMG_0934 IMG_0910

The novelty Superwoman t-shirt is from Walmart the jeans are Lucky Brand and the shoes were on sale at Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Thanks for stopping by.   For information on any of the items on my blog feel free to use the “contact me” link at the top of the page.

See you next time…..

Venita Elaine

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