Mini Peplum and DIY Leggings

Yasss Hunnie ….. I went crazy and made 80% of what I’m wearing in this post.  I have been stocking up on outfits so that I’m not pressured for clothing content for all of these glorious posts that I lovingly prepare for you.  I’ve had to get smart about managing my time and other commitments around this new passion for sewing.

This is how I would dress everyday if I could.  I love being comfortable, stylish and SewVeStyle.  #ISaidThat





Can’t resist a lil dancing eerry now and then.  I’m wearing a Peplum Mini Dress Vogue V8815.  The pattern was modified in length, an additional panel was added and  widened to create a  two tiered fluid effect.  Okay – I did not come up with design on my own…I purchased the pattern and followed a tutorial.   That’s the beauty of fashion – nobody owns anything – but you own your look.  I used a ponte knit fabric that you can find here or hereI chose an off-white but any color would be fabulous.  The leggings are DIY – made from a pair of existing leggings in my stash.  My intentions were to add a tutorial on how to make them but YouTube and I are not on speaking terms at the moment.  

The gorgeous green hand bag was a gift and is Kate Spade.  The hat and infinity scarf are from H&M.  There are some similar to mine and they are on sale.

I know that many of you are secretly interested in sewing.  I often hear the following “I want to sew but”……

  1. No time
  2. No sewing machine
  3. Don’t know how
  4. No talent
  5. Drum-roll……… Don’t want too – can’t you just make it for me?

Which one of these best describes you?  No shade ya’ll but if you really want to do something….#justdoit and send me your pics.  I would love to post your creations.

What do you think about the new Logo?

Gotta get back to sewing.  It’s cold outside but my warm tropical vacation is right around the corner.  I have a few outfits to whip up.  You’ll be seeing them very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Venita Elaine