My First Shirt – It’s a Winner

I must say that my sewing skills have grown exponentially since I started 3 years ago.  As I looked back – I noticed that I did not have a me made shirt in my collection.  Why is that you ask?  Prolly because I was frightened to death of collars and buttons and button holes.  Just thinking about it made me break out in a cold sweat.  I decided to tackle my fears and jump into the deep end of the pool and make My First Shirt.

I started with what is called a wearable muslin.  A muslin is a test garment used for fitting and design ideas with the intent of wearing it in public if the outcome is acceptable.

For your viewing pleasure – her she is – My First Shirt,  I shall call her Simone 🙂  This is McCalls  view C & D combination.  I put my own spin on it by adding a fun print to the collar, front facing and sleeves.

What’s that in the background….that’s the garden I’ve been raving about.  We live in an area with Deer, Turkey, Squirrel, Raccoon, Skunk…. You Name It!  So I enlisted DH in my wacky idea to design an enclosure that would protect my little babies.  I’m using milk crates lined with old t-shirts.  Notice the height of the enclosure – and how easy it is for me to water and hopefully harvest my home grown bounty.

Enclosed Garden

Watering plants

I’m in love with this shirt and plan to make several more.  Do I really dress like this when I’m gardening……perhaps.  🙂

Always Be Stylish ~ Always Be Fabulous

SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine


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  1. LOVE IT!! Congrats on facing your fears and kickin’ it into submission! I simply love the accent fabric touches! Nice Job!!

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