My Suit and Tie

Suit and Tie – yes please and thank you. I participated in a sewing challenge focused on women in suits. I was assigned McCall’s M7997 view B. This is actually a suit dress and I had the option to hack it if I wanted. Feeling overwhelmed as I alway do when I participate in challenges I sewed this up with no pattern alterations.

Okay, imma take a side rant and say I always swear to myself that I won’t do another challenge. Why? You may get exposure, accolades and such, but you lose all freedom of in terms of when you and what you post. Often the host will have a set timeline in terms of project completion. Next there is a moratorium or holding period where they exclusively post pics of your work. Then after all is done sometimes up to 3 weeks or more, you can post on your social media platform but you are supposed to tag them when you post. You are essentially working for free. You may get fabric or a small stipend but nothing close to compensating for your time and effort. I think I’m over it at least for now. There are a few folks that I might bit the bullet for. We shall see if I can keep my promise.

Back to the pattern, I used the suit dress as a coat jacket. This is wool blend that I had in my stash. The project was fairly easy, the double breast button holes were a bit of a head scratcher but we made it work.

The skirt is a 70’s vintage Vogue V1193 that I picked up and the Bay Area meet up early last year. I used view C for the high waistband and tapered look. The skirt needed an adjustment to accommodate hips and butt. All said and done the skirt fits like butter.

Oh yeah before I go….I shopped “his” closet for the shirt and tie. 🙂

Alway Stylish ~ Always Fabulous

SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine

4 thoughts on “My Suit and Tie

  1. As usual, another work of art despite the back story. Love the purple, and may I just say dem 👠shoes!!!

  2. I too sometimes struggle with the same thoughts, of taking on a sewing challenge. Sometimes it challenges you as a seamstress.
    Great turnout on the suit, that lining is popping through perfectly.

    1. Thank you Queendeb. I’m glad you can appreciate the struggle. Thanks for the love on the 💜💜💜suit😉

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