Paisley Print Dress Franken Pattern

This Paisley Print Dress is a Franken Pattern – meaning mix of one or more pieces to get the look you want.  My TNT pattern of all time is Burda I swear by this pattern.  It makes me look like I’m 6 feet tall.   Then I spliced it with this Simplicity pattern for the cowl neck that can be pulled down for the shoulder affect.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why do all that when you can just buy the damn pattern?  Well simply stated….because I can :-).

So what do you get when you combine the neck line of this:
Simplicity 1014

With this basic shift dress…

Finished Dress
Burda 6988

A beautiful monster that looks like this!  Tah Dah….
Paisley Print Dress
Paisley Print Dress
Paisley Print Dress

And this is called a Franken Pattern.   What I love about the Burda pattern is the slimming darts in the front and back.  It gives the dress more structure and it fits me like a glove.  I’m not knocking the other patterns that give you the same look but I know what works for me so no need to change up just because there is a new pattern in circulation.  The gorgeous paisley print is from my stash.  I bought it last year when I was in L.A. visiting my family.  I always make a run to this goldmine of a store in Hawthorne called Sas Fabrics .  You can buy fabric by the pound and I always leave with a trash bag full of fun fabric finds.  You have to be willing and ready to hunt but I promise you will always find something you like.

I imagined wearing this dress to work but when I saw this – well I determined that they just ain’t ready for all of this.  🙂
Paisley Print Dress

So don’t be afraid to experiment especially if you know what you like and are willing to take risks.  Step outside the box every now and then.  Shout out to my baby girl who took these wonderful pictures.

Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go……Gotta Sew.

Venita Elaine

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  1. Oh my love it! You are so talented. That print is gorgeous. Girl, body be banging.

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