Pattern Review: Butterick B5624 – Dress for Little Londyn

Hey there….Happy Monday!  I’ve been away for a minute and I wish I could say I’ve been sewing but that has not been the case.  Every now and then – I take sewing breaks because…well…just because.  🙂  I have several projects on the table which play a huge factor in my ability to stay on task.  When I started sewing again – it was one project at a time and I would never think of starting a new one until the one I was working on was finished.  Nowadays..(is that a word) I’m so fancy that I have at least 4 in various stages on completion just to keep up with my fellow sewing bloggers. Some of them crank out 3 to 4 outfits a week.  I’m not hating…but I just can’t do it…although I try.  All that to say….you’ll see it when I finish it…unless I uber excited and I want to share the joy early.

Okay – let’s get to business.  Ummm maybe a month a go I received a mention on Instagram (you can follow me at Sew.Ve.Style) with a picture of an adorable baby wearing an even more adorable outfit in an African print fabric.  The ask was….do you think you can make this?  I looked at for maybe 2 minutes and responded…yep.  So while I was absorbed on my other projects I went to task searching for the perfect pattern.  This is for a 5 month old who is as cute as the day is long.  I found the perfect pattern Butterick 5624 then I needed to find the perfect fabric.  Although the fabric used on the pattern is sweet and girly – I wanted something that was reflective of the request.  So after spending about a hour in JoAnn’s I found the perfect print but I can’t find it on-line for you.  Here is a very nice alternative  African Print and it’s purple the color of royalty.

Pattern Description:  Baby Pattern with 5 options including accessories – Butterick 5624  I made view A for the dress and F for the bottoms

Fabric Used:  Cotton African print purchased from JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Pattern Sizing:  I cut XLG duh…babies grow while you’re looking at them

Did it look like the pattern once you were done sewing?  Yes but like I’ve said over and over and over again.  Your fabric choice can transform a simple item into something spectacular.  I’m very happy with the fabric choice though I was a bit nervous at first.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes – very easy but sewing for a baby is different that sewing for an adult.  Babies are small so the arms are small, the neck is small, the legs are small so it means going slow and taking you’re time if you want it done right.

What did you dislike about the pattern?  Ugh…buttons and button holes.  That’s what took me so long to finish the dress part.  I stared and dreamed about making those holes and sewing on buttons for 2 days before I gathered the nerve to take it to the machine.  Thank the stars for the automatic buttonhole maker 🙂 but you still have to know how to line it up.

Would you sew it again?  Yes – indeed I would but you have to catch me in a good mood.

Would you recommend it to others?  Absolutely – it’s not everyday that you can make a special keepsake item…it was a very fun project.



I bet you’re wondering how I got the dress to stand up like that.  I stuffed a towel in the dress and sat it on top of a Kleenex box.  Granddaughter Londyn is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get pictures of her in her little dress complete with matching  bottoms and headpiece.

Thanks for stopping by – have a wonderful week.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine