Shopping Should be Fun….

There was quite a bit of chatter on the net about a big sale at the mega craft/sewing box store this weekend.  I must admit that I had been eyeing the advertisement and gathering all my coupons….I mean why pay full price?  Now far be it from me to even hint that is not really a sale -it’s more of a mind psych to get you to buy sewing paraphernalia that you don’t need.  I walked the isles – touched every piece of fabric and nothing was calling my name.  Whenever I find the perfect fabric it’s like…..:-) angels singing.  So what did I do?….I managed to find a couple of pieces to add to the stash.  A true Sewist will buy fabric even if its not going to be used right away.  Sometimes you have to buy – set it on the shelf and wait for it to whisper…..I’m Ready Now.

Here’s what I grabbed up.  There was only 1 pattern that I picked up.   I’m going to make a tailored blazer – I’m not inspired right now so this will wait.


I saw this outfit in a magazine…. it’s Alexander Wang and looks like I can recreate the look pretty easily.    I’m going to make the top with the asymmetrical peplum  and will be adding long sleeves because it’s winter….will be making the pants too.



I found this interesting fabric in the suiting section.  It’s a lovely heather colored stretch wool with a black backing.   I already had the pattern it’s a Donna Karan Vogue Pattern.  I’m going to start cutting it this week.  I’m going to take my time as I plan to use some (clearing my throat) advanced tailoring techniques. 🙂  Wondering why I have the seam binding????  Well I’m not about to make my own when I can buy it.  The pattern calls for the seams to be bound so I bought it…it’s not cheating is it? 🙂


I found this luscious embossed red stretch wool and it’s going to be a skirt….hmmm maybe a sexy high waist pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt with a dramatic collar.  Yaaassssss Honey!


Last but not least…a few odds and ends…machine oil, replacement rotary blade, silicone mat and some microtex needles.



Pretty boring huh…hence the title of the blog post.  I’m long overdue for a trip to my favorite store Fabric Outlet.  I try not to go often because I do major damage but boy do I walk out with some killer fabric.  Well peeps I’m back to work now so everything is scheduled…even this blog post.  🙂  Happy Monday!

Gotta Go…Gotta Sew

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Venita Elaine

5 thoughts on “Shopping Should be Fun….

  1. Interesting. I heard about you via Faye’s blog. I picked up some great tips re shopping places and had to check out your blog.

    I have completed two jackets already and I have that Vogue jacket pattern that you have that I would like to try. How did you get to the point of making that quilted lining for your jacket?

    1. I used the Craftsy tutorial – iconic jacket. Check it out – Laura does a wonderful job walking you through the steps and if you use a patterned tweed like I did you stitch along the pattern. It does not show up on the outside of the jacket because of the texture. You are working on the right side of the fabric and the pattern shows through on your lining…..that’s how you get the quilting effect.

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