Simplicity ~ Ankara Summer Dress

Simplicity S8341

I’m sew in love with this cute flirty summer dress.  MimiG did not disappoint with this number.  I like the cold shoulder treatment and the ruffles around the arm.  A lot the of cold shoulder looks kinda leave the fabric at the arm just dangling like a broken wing.  The gathers and the seam binding make for a polished look. 

And let’s not forget the two tier ruffles.  I appreciate that they are limited to the front of the dress.  I made view B opting for a dress vs top.  I figured with a dress I could always wear it as a summer cardigan with a t-shirt and jeans.  I even toyed with the idea of leaving the buttons off and simply belting it but changed my mind.  I figured peeps who sew would give the side eye and call me lazy.  😊

Oh and the fabric….where did I get it?  I have absolutely no idea.  I think it may have been gifted or I could have purchased it who knows.  It was an absolute dream sew.  I’ve futzed around with every fabric imaginable but there is nothing better that a simple woven…no raveling…no stretching.  I don’t have any yellow in my closet, so this is a treat.  It’s waxed print Ankara and yeah I had hell trying to get the darn glued label off.  By the time I finished there was so much residue left behind that I just cut around it.  Why do they do that?  If anyone has a tried and true method of removing the glue without damaging the fabric – leave a comment below.

So what’s the deal with the pics?  I took them myself with a remote and tripod.  I deployed  a statistically significant survey on Instagram.  🙂  I wanted to know what my sew sisters where doing.

So I spent most of the day running to different spots in the house to catch the right light.  If you have photo tips for a newbie – all feedback appreciated.

Now I have total control over my pics and no longer have to wait for Bae and his unpredictable photo skills. 🙂

Always Stylish ~ Always Fabulous

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  1. Very nice, I love pockets. Your own photographer, nice camera and you have the best backdrops, your own natural surroundings.

  2. For the sticker, place it face down and iron the back side of the fabric with lots of steam. It will peel right off.

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