My Simplicity Floral Jumpsuit

I promised myself that I would step out of my comfort zone this year.  I saw a picture of a floral jumpsuit and decided to give it a try.  I polled my friends on IG as to whether they’d give my project thumbs up or thumbs down.  75% said go for it – 25% said ummmm no.  To be fair the thumbs down crowd are a practical bunch and were very concerned with bathroom logistics in a jumpsuit.  I have a solution to the bathroom concerns if you’re away from home:

1. Don’t drink water  2. Don’t drink alcohol  3.  Don’t drink anything  4.  Have Fun – Be Crazy


Duck Lips and Deuces – I hope I never grow up.  I don’t wanna ever act my age.


Not sure what was going on here – my daughter said I was mid “Crip Walk” (ya’ll don’t know nuthin bout that tho) 🙂

This is what happens when you take the last pic of the day and you’re like….don’t judge me.

Sorry for the goofy pics but these flowers make me act silly.  🙂

This was an easy project although I wish I had chosen a smaller flower pattern cuz looking at this is hilarious.  Not sure where I purchased that fabric from – it’s been in my stash for over a year.  I snapped up these shoes at DSW  and let me tell you.  I could run in these shoes if I needed to….. 🙂 The pattern is Simplicity 8060 by Mimi G and it’s is true to size no need to size up – it has plenty of ease so there is room for the curves.  🙂  I decided not to add buttons to mine because of the flowers and had I planned to wear a top underneath just to break up the pattern.  After wearing it for the photos – I decided to add buttons so she’s going back to the sewing table.


Do these flowers make my butt look big.  🙂 🙂 🙂

I will be making another one for sure – probably in denim.  Give this one a try – you’ll love it.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew.  Thanks for Stopping by.

Venita Elaine



14 thoughts on “My Simplicity Floral Jumpsuit

  1. Ms V that floral print is perfect. I think smaller would have had us straining our eyes. A larger floral would have been nice too. But you did that. I am so glad you said the pattern was easy. I have been holding the pattern hoping to get the courage to make for my cruise. The other bathroom trick, go when you feel and don’t hold it. Your butt, she looks fabulous!!!

  2. I love this space you have created. Rich and classy style, and full of fun! You go Lady Vee! ✊🏿

  3. Taking the risk paid off!!! I love it! The big florals are so unexpected in a jumpsuit. I think you are rockin’ it AND it looks like you’re having a blast. Love the shoes. I have the exact pair!!! You wear it well!

  4. Thanks Terri – My husband thought I looked like a big flower. I’m still not 100% sold but if I make it – I’m gonna wear it.

  5. Ms Venita, you look absolutely stunning!!!!!! I love it. I’ve been sitting on this pattern for a minute and I think I’ll do a floral print now. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    1. 😂😂😂 Those flowers tho😳. Give the pattern a go – it’s very easy. Cant’t wait to see what you make Jennifer.

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