Simplicity Top and Vogue Culottes

Simplicity 8094 Vogue 9091

I really struggled with posting these pics.  Normally I have a good eye for what looks good on me but this was a miss.  The top Simplicity 8094 is a favorite.  I’ve made this top 5 times. 🙂   The Culottes Vogue V9091 were cute on the package but not on me. 🙁  DSC_0167DSC_0159I had fun with the pockets….my favorite part….unfortunately I can’t walk around with my pockets out.  I was so proud of my pirate lining.


Pic day was cloudy and overcast which didn’t help lighten my sour mood.  I’m showing you this in the spirit of transparency.  Everything I make isn’t a hit but unlike buying from store I can’t take it back for a refund.   I love the top and have worn it numerous times.  The Culottes – will get a makeover.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew

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