Simplicity’s Amazing Fit Denim Trousers & Warby Parker Sunnies

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July has proven to be a very busy and exciting month.  Simplicity’s Amazing fit Denim Trousers and Warby Parker Sunnies.  A match made in heaven.  So much going on and sew much to share.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I was on a quest to make a pair of denim trousers that would fit over my ummm rear end.  The challenge was determining the right fit adjustments that would accommodate my specific needs.

I used Simplicity’s Amazing Fit Pattern here.  They give you a choice of straight or curvy fit.  I’m a proud member of the curvy girl club.  The first muslin (test sample) would not get over my hips.  The second muslin made it over the hips and half up my rear end 🙁   The third muslin  was the charm and  all of my Sewing Sisters on IG cheered me along every step of the way.

I moved on to the real fabric and went straight to my denim stash.  Thank you Glam Fairies 🙂  I chose a dark wash spandex denim for my masterpiece.  I think they turned out pretty nice if I say so myself.

Now before I dazzle you with pictures of my denim trousers and my rear end, I am excited to share a few of my favorite designs from the  Warby Parker Eyewear Summer 2016 Collection.

So let’s get down to business …. shall we?

Warby Parker is a company that sells both sunglasses and eyeglasses.  Oh and before I forget Warby Parker has a fabulous home try on program.  Check it out here yep – 5 pair of glasses for 5 days with free shipping.  Try before you buy – is there anything better than that?  You’ve been warned 🙂 I’m going to be rocking 4 more pair of glasses in my future posts.

Let’s start with the Sunnies – they are very stylish and I think they look great.   This particular pair has a tortoise shell finish that matched nicely with the buttons on my jacket. The shape of the frames fit my face perfectly.


They are lightweight and the quality is great.  They even accommodate prescriptions which is fantastic.  I need to see but looking cute comes in a close second.   Thanks for hanging with me for the commercial break.  Be sure to check out their website.

Now let’s get back to my  Simplicity Amazing Fit Trousers.  We took these picture on my way out the door to work.  Thank goodness my photographer works for free.  I don’t feel like cropping pictures today so ignore the umbrella base in the background.  The pants are a bit loose fitting and I wish I had made them a size smaller.  Make sure you factor in stretch and go down a size if you need to.  After obsessing over ensuring I had a great fit in the hips and butt area – my pants are loose in the waist.  If you know anything about me…know this.  I wear my projects with pride – I could care less about minor imperfections.  How many times have you purchased RTW (ready to wear) items even if they don’t fit perfectly.  Yep…thought so. 🙂


The jacket is vintage by LAL.  I’ve had it for years and I love the fact that is a light weight denim and I love all things “swing”.  You can find a similar look here. Or I’m sure you can find a pattern try  here or DIY your own.


Focus on the proportions of the jacket and the clean lines of the pants.  Yes – the sunnies are amazing.  That length …. sigh… I love a pair of pants that make my legs look a mile long.


Pocket detail – what you can’t see is the pirate lining on the inside.  Only my closest friends know that it’s there.  Are you my friend?  Okay look here.


These are not gratuitous butt shots.  I am pointing out the fit of the pants.  This is how they looked before the little nip tuck.


This shot really shows how I had to modify the pattern.  Paper patterns are designed to fit the masses.  I am not shaped like the masses – I am shaped like me.  I’m a curvy girl 🙂


This is the final close up.  I love these pants with my whole heart.♥♥♥

Thanks for hanging with me and I will be back soon with more exciting news.  Have a fabulous day.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew….

Venita Elaine

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  1. The pants are cute, the jacket is cute, the sunglasses are cute, but one of the reasons they’re all so cute is because you’re so cute.

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