Snuggle Fleece Jacket

DSC_0653Last month was a whirlwind – my daughters were with me and we had a blast. In the middle of all the frivolity I tried to sew….honest I did but it just wasn’t happening. My youngest daughter and I were working on a joint sewing project and all we did was laugh, drink and tell jokes such that the day before it was time for her to leave I was sewing like Cinderella trying to finish her suit. It’s done and I hope that she sends some pics that I can share with you.

In the meantime – I was so frustrated with her project that I needed to sew something simple. That’s where my snuggle fleece comes in. Like everyone else I was at JoAnn’s after Thanksgiving snapping up some great deals. I came across this fleece fabric and fell in love. I don’t have anything in my closet with these colors so it really grabbed my attention. Then I needed a dumbed down pattern…I mean something “sew” simple that anyone could make it. That’s where Simplicity 1067 comes in – it’s quick – easy and basic.  I made view “E” which is the hoodie version.

Oh and guess what else….I cut my locs :-).  I had been threatening to do it for quite a while and I finally gathered the nerve to do it.  So rather that go balls out….I shaved the sides and back and left some hair on top for warmth.  So glad I decided to do it that way cuz baby it cold outside.  Come summer it’s all coming off.

Well I have lots of sewing projects planned for the year and I cannot wait to get started.  See you soon and have a fabulous weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew.

Venita Elaine



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