Studio Remodel Update

I’m almost ready to move in and I cannot wait to show you the final product.  I’m so impatient….is it done yet?  Can I move in now?  How long does that take?  Is it done yet?  I’m worse than a squirrel chasing nuts….can’t stop…won’t stop..Is it done yet?

Hurry Up
Hurry Up


Pulling Electricity – He’s so handy
Stopped long enough for a pic…clearly irritated
Wall color light denim
Lighting done next come the cabinets








It looks so fabulous – still getting the furnishing together.  I’m re-purposing much of what I already had and only adding a few signature pieces.

Thanks for stopping by.

Gotta Go….No Place to Sew.



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    1. Yes – I’m sure it’s somewhere – check the #I’m Winning post from last week. Ms Stalker ?

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