Sweeping – It’s Therapeutic

Happy Wednesday!

Today I decided to exercise outside.  It is a beautiful day and I had to be outdoors.  I head out with my jump rope, hand weights, flexi-band and my cell phone.  You would think I was heading to the park or something…right?  Wrong…I was going to exercise in my own front yard.  We had a mini-wind storm last night and every oak tree on my block deposited leaves in my yard.  Soooooo – what to do…..what to do.  I could have went ahead and exercised and listened to the crunch of leaves underfoot or I could sweep them up.  I chose the later and went to town.  I counted it as part of my workout for the day.  This is what my courtyard looked like when I finished.



Just me and my broom.  I held multiple conversations with myself.  Gave thanks for my health, family, friends, and even for people I don’t particularly care for.  I am feeling extra generous so why not share the joy.  I felt so good about the progress in the court yard that I took my therapy up the stairs and into the driveway.  I swept away negativity, self doubt, worry along with any and everything/everyone that could steal my joy.



Then I made a nice little mound and into the bucket went my problems and issues for the day.

DSC_0057 DSC_0061A

All my posts won’t be about sewing.  I have to be in the right frame of mind when I am creating or I can’t do my best work.  I did exercise and it felt good and my yard was cleaned as well.

Thanks for stopping by…..

Gotta Go…..Gotta Sew

Venita Elaine



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