The break is over – time to eat clean

I’m not perfect and don’t profess to be.  I am 90% compliant with a clean eating and a regular fitness lifestyle 3/4 of the year.  I like to take the last three months of the year to just be still.  Come January I’m back at the game and playing to win.

Why not go full on for the entire year?  Well because I don’t have to do anything that does not make me happy.   Come October of each year I slow down and eat and drink within reason and I’m not preoccupied with meal and work out plans.  I like to enjoy the food, baked goods and adult beverages that signal the coming of the holiday season.  I have friends who are on either a full or modified plan 24/7 and it works for them and they look amazing.  Honestly I don’t mind being a little soft and squishy for a few months….lol.

When January rolls around I’m back on my grind…happy and energized.  For today’s post I want to share how I detox after coming off of 3 months of hibernation.

I start by pulling out the juicer and making a large batch of my vegetable broth.  I have fresh juice every morning and my absolute favorite is carrot, apple, cucumber, celery and ginger surprise.  I could drink a ton of the stuff.  It goes down smooth and I can feel it sweeping through my system as I gulp it down…yum yum.   Two of my favorite books on juicing are Detoxing and Juicing for Life.

I also make a huge batch of spicy vegetable broth.  I drink it between meals or whenever I feel hungry and at least 30 minute before I eat.  I swear by this concoction.  It tastes good and its good for me.  It also helps with the water intake.  I’m back to a gallon a day and the broth helps augment plain water.  Don’t get me wrong – I love water but I need a break every so often.

I’m including a few pics of how all the pieces and parts come together.  Yes, you see what’s left of 5 lb bag of organic carrots.  They last maybe 2 weeks in my house on a good day.  I eat them, juice them, cook them and give them to my dogs as clean treats.  All these carrots and I still need glasses.

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Even with juicing and the vegetable broth I strive to eat 5 to 6 meals a day.  I don’t skip meals if I can help it.  I spent today on meal prep in order to have my food ready for next week.  If you don’t have a plan then you plan to fail.

I’ll post pic of next weeks meal shortly.  I’m exhausted….I’ve been cooking all day but hey…. I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat….that’s the bonus!

What are some of things you do to stay on plan?

Thanks for stopping by.

Venita Elaine