The Sapporo Coat

Sapporo Coat - Pattercut Patterns
Sapporo Coat – Hat by Esenshel

This pattern came all the way from New Zealand and wow it’s worth every dime. The Sapporo Coat by papercut has uniquely structured lines and angles. Honestly, that’s what caught my eye. I sat on the pattern for quite a while….okay I forgot about 🙂

The next dilemma was finding a fabric that would show case the lines and structure. I looked high and low….Far and wide and came up empty handed. The pattern went back on the shelf to languish away. Yet again, I found it and started the journey of finding the perfect fabric.

On a random trip to JoAnn’s in need of a zipper – I wondered toward the back of the store where they keep outdoor fabric. You know the kind that type used for lawn chairs cushions and outdoor pillows and such. Not weather resistant fabric but the type that can withstand heavy duty use.

Off to the side was this glorious fabric, white with black stripes of different diameters. With sweaty palms, I grabbed it up, pulled my ticket and waited for my number to be called to the cutting table. Sigh, I needed 4 yards and prayed a silent prayer that it would not cost an arm and leg. My prayers were answered. The fabric was 60% off. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sapporo Coat - Papercut Patterns
Sapporo Coat – Hidden Pockets
Sapporo Coat - Papercut Patterns
Sapporo Coat
Sapporo Coat - Pappercut Patterns
Sapporo Coat

Can we talk about the hat? Did you see the hat? Want to wear my hat? The hat is the business. No, you cannot have my hat! Now that we got all of the hat madness out the way – I bought it for myself as a birthday present. The hat designer esenshel does amazing work and I was elated to have one of his designs.

Sapporo Coat
Sapporo Coat Esenshel Hat – Nordstrom Booties

See you soon maybe with or without the hat. No promises.

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