The Stash Busting Challenge

At this very point in time I am participating in 3 Challenges all geared towards folks like me who have a ummmm problem 🙁 .  I buy fabric and I keep in it in my stash for future projects.  No one ever knows when the right project will present itself or when you will see that one outfit that makes you want to run – no sprint…. your stash with scissors in hand ready to whip out your next creation.

In addition to what I already have on hand I have a couple of Glam Fairies who keep me supplied with fabric.  I don’t mean bits and pieces but sometimes yards and bolts of it.  I squeal with glee every time I get the call that they’ve scored some fabric for me.  Take a peak…

Look at this luscious denim…each one is about 10 yards.  It’s black, blue, and light blue washes.

Denim Denim Denim

But wait – there’s more! I have more denim – 2 bolts 🙂 I have sooooo many projects in mind…. be prepared for an onslaught of “Denim Everythang“…..I created a Pinterest Board dedicated to Denim.  🙂  Click the link if you want to see what I saved.

Denim Dang It

I also have two very interesting pieces that the designers use to determine pocket style and placement. Feast your eyes on this. This will likely become a comforter unless someone has a better idea. Let me know if you can think of something else do to with it.
Denim Pockets

And I have some stretch knit good for PJ’s or summer tops
Stretch Knit

Last but not least – have denim pant legs…not the pants…just legs in assorted colors.  Not sure what to do with these…maybe handbag or clutches.  We Shall See…..We Shall See…….
Denim Pant Legs

I’m going to stop before my stash grows any larger. The focus now is to #stashbust so I can make room for more fabric.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew….

Thanks for stopping by.

Venita Elaine


4 thoughts on “The Stash Busting Challenge

  1. Awesome! I was looking at the denim and several patterns came to mind.. Lol! I like the pocket placement piece, it’s interesting. I’m a schoolteacher so I automatically thought pocket organizers.

  2. 3 stashbusting challenges? You have some beautiful inspirations. Where do you keep it all? Have you ever done a tour of your sewing space? I would love to see it. This MLK weekend would have been perfect time to sew but I will be at vow renewal in GA. When you are s see wing this weekend think mm of me.

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