The Tri”F”ecta

What are you talking about Venita?  Do you have point to make or are you just babbling on the keyboard.  Yes – I do indeed have a point to make.  The definition of Trifecta is a run of three wins or grand events.

This past weekend I hit the jackpot.  I had “F“riends – I had “F“ood – I had “F“abric.  Triple “F’s” and boy was it fun.

Our dear newly weds paid us a visit which is always a delight.  Hi Bilaji and Dawn (smooches dawhlings)

And they brought food.  A bountiful Nigerian Meal and we ate plenty 🙂

Fish and Pepper Stew
Fish and Pepper Stew
Efo Iro
Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice

And there was laughter – I can’t recall the topic  And provocative dialogue – the topic if you are curious. Politics and Real Estate 🙂


And a gift of the most beautiful African Wax print fabric that I’ve ever seen.  Dawn has requested a skirt so I need to get busy.



Well that’s all folks.  If you want to visit me – just follow Bilaji and Dawn’s lead and we’ll have a fabulous time.

Venita Elaine.

4 thoughts on “The Tri”F”ecta

  1. Bolaji and I had a wonderful time as always! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Fremont next. Can’t wait to see my midi skirt (with inside pockets 😉

    Enjoy your Sew-V-Style weekend!

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