Tie Dye Denim Kimono

Baaaaaaby – This jacket right here!

I was asked (totally flattered) by Michelle @thatblackchick if I would be interested in making a garment for the September/October issue of Sewn Magazine.  Give me a minute to think about this – I mean I am in such demand that my personal assistant manages my time and scheduled appearances.   The project theme for the issue was denim and I had the option of making kimono or cardigan.  

Went through my pattern stash and pulled out several with the intent to hack it.  My dreams were dashed when she told me to pick a pattern and just sew it – no modifications.  Dayum Dayum Dayum.

I selected the most basic straight forward kimono pattern in my collection.  I selected Very Easy Vogue V9115.   I’m like hmmmmmmmm follow directions no modifications….. shoot that just ain’t me so I did the next best thing.  I modified, or should I say – tricked out the fabric.  I took my basic blue denim and decided to Tie Dye it. 

 Here are the steps. 

  1. Wash fabric in cold water and use the dryer air-dry setting or hang outside in sun to dry
  2. If needed iron lightly to remove any major wrinkles, you want to start with a smooth surface.
  3. Determine the look you want (I was going for a symmetrical/squared design.
  4. Use rubber bands for the peaks and clothes pins in between to create definition.
  5. Outside…..Outside……Outside “public service announcement”…..Outside, on find a bleach safe surface for the next step.  I used my wrought iron patio table and covered with an old sheet.
  6. You’ll need two spray bottles, one with plain water and one with a bleach/ water solution.  I used 1/2 bleach to ¼ water.
  7. Spray the fabric with plain water and make sure it’s moist but not drenched.
  8. Next spray with your bleach/water solution and allow the mist to bead and wet all the cracks and crevices. 
  9. You will continue to alternate between water and the bleach/water solution letting each one dry before repeating.  You’ll need to check the saturation to make sure you have the design you want.  I think I went over mine probably 5 or 6 times.
  10. Once you’ve achieved the look you want remove the rubber bands and clothes pins.  Let fabric dry thoroughly, Outside…..Outside…..Outside
  11. Throw that bad boy in the washer cuz it will smell like bleach for days.  Wash in cold water.  Might need two washes to get the smell out.
  12. Set dryer on warm, iron with steam and now you’re ready to make your very own personalized fabric.

 I made View A and substituted lace with denim still honors the no hack agreement – I did not change the pattern.  I also added a belt technically not a hack – but an accessory 😊  

Denim adds an architectural interest, dimension and wow factor.   The tie dye fabric treatment is icing on the cake.

Always Stylish ~ Always Fabulous

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