Venita’s Graduation Day

I am by no means an expert or master when it comes to sewing.  My joy is sitting down with fabric and pattern and engineering my way through the maze of darts, pleats, 5/8 inch seams, seam binding, zippers and ultimately creating a wearable outfit.  So why is the title of this post graduation day….well because I took the training wheels off and tackled a challenging project.  I’m not going to talk about the pattern yet- I’ll save that for my next post.  I will say that I did not want to ruin my expensive fabric so I used some bridal satin that I purchased click here.  The pattern instructions were clearly not for a novice but I made it through although I had to consult YouTube a couple of times.  Sometimes no matter how well something is written – you need someone demonstrate the technique.

Well here is my girl….she’s not a stunner but she’s all mine…a tiny bit more finish work is needed.  I’ll start the tour from the outside of the garment.  Yep – I blinged her out…bedazzled…got crazy with the rhinestones.   When I hemmed the dress by hand – I didn’t like the indention made by the thread.  I mean I was picking up 2 threads at a time and I still could see the pattern showing on the right side of the fabric.  So I simply added the rhinestones to the part where you could tell I had hemmed the dress.  And….since I added bling to the bottom…well the top and back had to follow.

Check out the attached lining.  This dress has no – zero – nada  – exposed seams.

SewVeStyle~Tracy Reese

I did make a minor blunder on the bodice side seams and was too far in to fix it.  I should have enclosed the side seams within the lining so I improvised by simply finishing the seam with seam binding.  It slightly detracts from the inner beauty but at the end of the day – nobody knows about it except you and me.  This dress is a fully lined dress and has extension (stands out)….the skirt has three “3” layers.  The dress skirt, the organza lining and fabric lining.  All are perfectly attached and finished.

Oh an check out the understitched perfection at the neckline.  Now excuse me while I pop my collar – you can drool over those french seams.  I just had to share my enthusiasm as I am quite pleased with myself right about now.

Whenever the weather warms up I’ll take her out for a spin in front of the camera.     Don’t judge me I’m almost a card carrying seamstress.

Thanks for stopping by.

Venita Elaine