Vogue Today’s FIT – Pattern Review

Vogue V1234 has been in my collection for a couple of years.  I fell in love with the silhouette, side drape and clean lines.  I’m hippy and figured that the draping at the hip line would have a slimming effect.  Let’s just say that the dress did not disappoint.  I posted the finished version on IG @sew.ve.style and was asked to provide a pattern review.

  1. Where the instruction clear?

Very clear but overwhelming at the same time if that makes sense.  The designer readily admits that the pattern is a puzzle and that the fun is in the details and to make it your own.  For me, there were way too many lines to follow.  So many that I had to use my marker just to keep up with all the darts, symbols, connection and pivot points.  Whew Chile – I was exhausted.

  1. What did you like most?

Prep work is key to a successful outcome.  Although I was overwhelmed having to trace the lines etc, it was easy to sew after a slow start.  Once I figured out how the pieces fit – I didn’t need the instructions and was able to sail (sew) right thru.

  1. What did you like least?

Although I followed the instructions to the letter – some of the seams at the hipline had gaps.  I had to take out the seam and restitch so that the fabrics draped correctly.  Just know that if the instruction says stitch to the symbol – do exactly that.  Don’t stop short of the symbol or sew past it or your seam will pucker, or you’ll have gaps.

  1. Would you make it again?

Yes, and I plan to.  I have more ITY fabric in my stash that I need to use.  There is a nice amount of ease in the design and even if you make a mistake or two (depending on your fabric choice) no one will ever know.  This is a keeper.   Plus it makes me look long and lean….well sorta 😊

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SewVeStyle by Venita Elaine

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  1. I never thought this dress would be so flattering until now. You truly made it special. What particular fabric did you use? Hope I didn’t miss it above.

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