What’s on the cutting table…Chanel Inspired Jacket

Happy Friday!  I hope that you have a great day and a wonderful plan for the weekend.  Me????  Well I’m working on the hardest project I’ve ever tackled and I’m having a blast.  Earlier this year I purchased a tutorial from Craftsy Iconic Tweed Jacket.  The tutorial has been hanging out for about 7 months and I finally worked up the nerve to start working on it.  First let me say that its a basic vogue pattern and if I followed the instructions I’d be done by now.  But I wanted to really test my sewing chops – I wanted a custom jacket with all the bells and whistles and gosh darn-it….I’m going to have it.


The fabric has been in my stash since last year and I recently found the lining I wanted to use to make it really pop.


Here’s another close up of the fabric and let me tell you that cutting and matching the lines is no joke…..trust me.


Each piece had to be cut out separately with exact attention to detail and because chalk marks don’t show up well on the fabric I had to make my seam lines etc with needle and thread.  🙁


Because of the woven texture the fabric is prone to major ravelling so I had to stabilize my seams in preparation for sewing….note that I’ve even started sewing yet.


That right there is some major pinning and yasssssssss I turned those damn corners….excuse me while I pat myself on the back.  This is the inside of the jacket and it is lovely.


Still pinning so that my hems are nice and sharp…but guess what’s next????…..Now I have to sew all this down.  BY HAND…I still have not even looked at the sewing machine at this point but I’m super excited about my jacket.


I’ve invested about 15 hours into this jacket and still have quit a bit to do before I’m ready to take it to the machine.  The lining which I’m most excited about will be quilted so it’s not the typical bagged lining and the finish stitching is all by hand.

Enough blabbing….I have to get back to work on the jacket and because it’s so labor intense I only work on it a few hours a day.   For my sanity and need to see something finished quickly – I’m making my Palazzo Pants for my Mom, Mother-In-Law and Aunt from the Sewfull Comfort Collection.  There’s nothing like a quick shot of satisfaction every now and then.

Gotta Go….Gotta Sew!  I’ve got some fun stuff planned in terms of sewing projects and I can’t want to share my journey.

Thanks for stopping by.

Venita Elaine